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Glogauer Liederbuch (Brass Trio)

Glogauer Liederbuch (Brass Trio)


Trios for trumpet, horn and trombone. Eight pieces arranged for the Yale Brass Trio by Allan Dean. Both Bb and C trumpet parts are included. A most interesting set of pieces, which can be played in almost any order. The Glogauer Liederbuch is a medieval songbook made up of 292 sacred and secular songs and instrumental music and was written in about 1480. It is the earliest known surviving set of part books (descant, tenor and contra tenor) and is an important source of 15th century musical material. The manuscript is named after the name of Glogau in lower Silesia. Formerly kept at the Prussian State Library in Berlin, it was taken to Grussau Abbey, Silesia, in 1941 to protect it from Allied bombing. Under Polish sovereignty  after the Second World War, it apparently disappeared until 1977, when the missing manuscripts were found in the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow. The members of the Yale Brass Trio, Allan Dean trumpet, William Purvis horn, and Scott Hartman trombone, played Allan Dean's early music arrangement to open their annual concerts from 2007- 2910.

Composer/Arranger: Arr. Allan Dean

Grade: 4


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