Newest Mentor Music Publications


M120     DANCES FOR THE PARISTER TANZBUCH - Pierre Attaingnant. Trans. / Arr. Allan Dean   $13.95
for Brass Quartet (with optional percussion).  These dances for 5 voices or instruments were collected by Pierre Attaingnant in 1530.  Allan Dean has transcribed 4 of them for modern day brass quartet.  This set has been recorded by the St. Louis Brass.   Grade 3

M121   O LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM - arr. Robert Nagel   $9.95 
For brass quintet.  Another NYBQ special arrangement, with elevated ranges and interesting rhythmic challenges in all the parts.  "Tis the Season"! Better quintets will find this challenging arrangement worthwhile.   Grade 5

M122     ENSEMBLES FOR TRUMPET - Duets by Baustetter, Nagel and Bohm - Trios by Gurlitt, Pasquini, Heller, DeGrigny and Baustetter  $10.95
Three duets adn four trios make this collection  useable in a great many ways.  Score and parts included. Grade 3

M123     CONCERT MUSIC FOR TRUMPET - Piano - Robert Nagel   $16.00
This is an original piece written in 1969 while Nagle was teaching at the Aspen Music Festival.  The work is highly chromatic, almost 12 tone melodic writing as well as a sparse and pointillist texture between the solo and keyboard lines.   Grade 5

M124     FANFARE FOR BANFF - Robert Nagel   $9.95 
For a brass ensemble of 3 trumpets and 2 French horns.  This was written by Mr. Nagel during a fall 1985 residency at the Banff Music Center in Canada.  The piece was written utilizing the unique instrumentation that was available.  Grade 3+

M125     ITALIAN GROUND - Orlando Gibbons / Trans. K. Singleton  $7.95
For a low brass quartet of almost any combination of euphoniums, trombones and tubas.  Perfect for concert or contest.  Grade 4.

M126     A GROUND OF GIBBON - Orlando Gibbons / trans. K. Singleton   $7.95
This is M125 transcribed for a trumpet quartet.  Grade 4.

M127   MIDNIGHT SLEIGH RIDE - Eddie Sauter / arr. Robert Nagel   $8.95 
Adapted for brass quintet and percussion from Prokofieff"s "Liutenant Kije Suite" This piece was made famous in the early "50"s by the Sauter-Finnegan Jazz Orchestra.  With bells and whistles, this is truly a fun piece for any accomplished quintet to play.  Grade 5

M137    Battle Hymn of the Republic - arranged by Robert Nagel  $8.95
Robert has taken his very successful ensemble arrangement and redone it for Brass Quintet. For concert hall or church, this is great literature! Grade 4+ 

M144    ALLEGRO ENERGICO -  by Leonard Lebow   $10.95
From the NYBQ files, this was one of the quintets' staples. Moderate rhythms, yet the hight trumpet tessitura makes this a piece for advanced players Gr. 4+

M147   Hark the Herald Angels Sing - Mendelssohn, arr. Joe Keith  $7.95
In 2 sections, A straight forward setting followed by a fugal portion makes for a fun arrangement. Gr. 4

M148   in The Hall of the Mountain King - Grieg, arr. Joe Keith  $7.95
This well-known theme from “Peer Gynt” is played by each instrument of the quintet. concert or contest, an excellent choice. Gr.3+

M154   Fantasia for Brass - by Samuel Scheidt, arr. Joe Keith   $7.95
With moderate ranges & no rhythmic challenges, this is a fine piece for your high school quartet. Gr. 3

M160    Fuga 5 for Brass Quartet - G. Reiche, arr. Robert Nagel    $8.95
Arranged for 2 trpts. & 2 trmbs., with an alternate tuba part - performance possibilities are multiplied. Gr. 3

M175   The Fugal Handle - Brass Quartet - arr. Joe Keith  $9.95
Three Fugues in "minor" keys Gr. 4

M178   Fugal Suite - Brass Trio - Pachelbel, arr. Joe Keith  $8.95
This medley of 4 fugues from the Magnificat comes with C & Bb Trpt parts. All parts get plenty of work, but you will notice the trombone stands out. Gr. 3 

M165   Gloria & Chromatic Fugue - Couperin/Telemann /J. Keith   $10.95
Arranged from the organ works of these two Baroque masters, with moderate ranges & easy rhythms. Gr.3    

M170   Magnificat and Fugue - J F Pachelbel - arr. Joe Keith   $8.95
For 2 Trpts & 2 Trmbs, With moderate ranges & no rhythm challenges, this quartet is playable by the average group. Gr. 3 

M179   Magnificat Septimi Toni - J. Pachelbel / arr. Joe Keith   $7.95
Pachelbel’s Fugues on the Magnificat provide the music for your trio (Trpt, Horn & Tbn) to showcase their talents. Gr. 4 

M181    Four Movements for Five Brass - N. del Girgny, arr. Joe Keith   $10.95
Trumpet parts in C & Bb are provided for this setting extracted from del Grigny’s organ works Gr. 3

M183    Canzona - G. Frescobaldi, arr. Joe Keith   $9.95
The theme is presented by the 2nd Trpt., and then the canon or fugal style begins with the balance of the quartet making a statement in turn. An attractive piece for concert or festival. Gr.3  

M184    Canzona Dopo L’Epistola - Frescobaldi , arr. J Keith  $8.95
(NYBQ) This Brass Quartet has a slow chorale like opening that is followed by several variations in contrary style Gr. 3

M196    Gaudate Omnes - J P Sweelinck arr. Joe Keith   $7.95
From “Cantiones Sacre” of 1619, this quintet is perfect for medium level players. Ranges and rhythms are only moderate. Excellent for concert or contest. Gr.3

M198     Die Mit Tranen Sean - J.H. Schein, arr.Joe Keith   $8.95
From Schein’s sacred choral collection, “Fontana d’Israel, this is fugal in character , with beautiful melodic lines. Gr.3+

M200    Grand March (Tannhauser) -Wagner arr. J. Kelly    $9.95
From the opening fanfarish trumpet entrance, both players & audience will enjoy the sounds of Wagner. Gr. 4

M208   Festival Prelude and Fugue - M Brosig, arr. Kelly     $9.00
An excellent choice for the beginning HS Quintet. A melodic piece with moderate ranges. Gr.2+

M211   Fugue For Three - Buxtehude arr. Kelly   8.95
For 2 Trumpets & Horn (Trombone Alternate). A three movement setting of one of the masters organ fugues. Gr. 3+ $8.50 (UPC: 040962415368) 

M244    Glogauer Liederbuch - Trios for Trumpet, horn, and trombone. - arr. Allan Dean     $19.95
Eight pieces arranged for the Yale Brass Trio by Allan Dean. Both Bb and C trumpet parts are included. A most interesting set of pieces, which can be played in almost any order. The Glogauer Liederbuch is a medieval songbook made up of 292 sacred and secular Songs and instrumental music, and was written about 1480. It is the earliest known surviving set of part books (descant, tenor, & contra tenor), and is an important source of 15th century musical material. The manuscript is named after the town of Glogau in Lower Silesia. Formerly kept at the Prussian State Library in Berlin, it was taken to Grussau Abbey, Silesia, in 1941 to protect it from Allied bombing. Under Polish sovereignty after the Second World War, it apparently disappeared until 1977, when the missing manuscripts were found to be in the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow. The members of the Yale Brass Trio, Allan Dean trumpet, William Purvis horn, and Scott Hartman trombone, played Allan Dean’s early music arrangements to open their annual concerts from 2007- 2019. Gr. 4 18.00 M162 Golden Suite - By Henri Sauguet Written in 1963 for the NYBQ by one of the best known French contemporary composers. Each member of the quintet Is showcased. With three contrasting movements, this is Quality literature for a quality group. Gr. 5



M2       THIS OLD MAN - Brass Quintet arranged by Robert Nagel    Gr. 2    $8.50
Lively variations on a well-known children’s folk song.  Ideal for concert or contest - On the Ohio and Texas contest lists.

M10     TRUMPET STUDIES IN CONTEMPORARY MUSIC - By Robert Nagel     $12.50                                          
Study materials which reflect the most important styles and techniques of 20th Century music

same material as M10, but for bass clef                                   

M50    RHYTHMIC STUDIES - By Robert Nagel   $12.50
Advanced articulation studies, complex rhythms, rhythmic modulation, concert duets

M51    SPEED STUDIES - By Robert Nagel   $12.50
This group of etudes has become required study material at many universities. You will find drills and etudes for developing rapid reading and fingering technique.   The material is also suitable for horn studies

M52    TRUMPET SKILLS - By Robert Nagel    $12.50
Variable exercises for developing and maintaining all phases of trumpet technique, also suitable for Horn