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M46    Allegro for Six Trumpets - J.P. Telemann/arr. by R. Nagel
Transcription of a lively, trumpet-like movement from a concerto for 3 violins and 3 oboes. For Bb or C trumpets.
Grade 4, $10.00

M43     Battle Hymn of the Republic - arr. by Robert Nagel 
(5 trumpets). Basically a first trumpet solo with a four trumpet accompaniment. (OMEA-A)
Grade 3, $8.00

M90     Canzona Secundo (La Martinenga) - F. Maschera / trans. Keith
An Italian composer and organist of the late Renaissance. Maschera wrote a set of 12 four-part instrumental canzone which are among the oles surviving Italian works published specifically for an instrumental ensemble not a vocal canzone.
Grade 2+, $6,95

M36    Concerto for Four Trumpets - JP Telemann/arr. by R. Nagel
Arrangement for Bb trumpets of a work for four solo violins, of which much of the thematic material is very trumpet-like. (TX, OH) (UIL-I)
Grade 4, $12.50

M4     Contemporary Duets - Robert Nagel
(2 Trumpets)    Ten fascinating duets in contrasting styles.
Grade 3, $9.95

C16     Eight Duets for Trumpets (or horns) - Fastini/Glasel
Easy archaic works with much crossing of voices
Grade 3, $9.50

M122     Ensembles for Trumpet - Duets by Baustetter, Nagel and Bohm - Trios by Gurlitt, Pasquini, Heller, DeGrigny and Baustetter
Three duets adn four trios make this collection  useable in a great many ways.  Score and parts included.
Grade 3, 10.95

M126     A Ground of Gibbon - Orlando Gibbons / trans. K. Singleton
This is M125 transcribed for a trumpet quartet.
Grade 4., $7.95

M89     Famous Concert Duets from the Golden Age of the Connet - P. Franceschini, ed. R. Nagel
Here are 6 compositions by trumpet virtuosos H.L. Clark, Kiefer, Losey, Reeves and Godfrey. A Companion CD Produced by the ITG and played by Terry Schwartz and MNick Heese is included. ates new publication
Grade 4, $24.95

M88     Sonata for Two Trumpets - P. Franceschihi / ed. R. Nage
Writtin in the standard 4 movement "sonata" form - slow, fast, slow, fast, with modest ranges and rhythms, this piece is an excellent choice for concert or contest. A full score and set of parts of the original concert band arrangement is available for rental.
Grade 3+, $7.95

M42    The Sound of Trumpets - Robert Nagel
Six medleys for 3 trumpets: folk hymns chorales, Christmas carols, Easter hymns Thanksgiving and patriotic music.
Grade 2, $11.00

M106     Three Fantasies Thomas Morley, trans, Kenneth Singleton
Kenneth"s Three Fantasies transcribed and edited here as a second concert set for modern trumpets are from a set of Nine Fantasies written for two equal instruments in 1593. Transcribed For Two Trumpets,
(UPC: 636266702299)   $9.50

M47    Three Pieces - Victor Kosienko
(3 trumpets). Delightful and entertaining characteristic pieces, tided Petroushka, Pastorale, and March.
Grade 2, $10.50

M78     Trumpet Suite in C - G.F. Handel, arr. J. Keith
(3 trumpets) Four contrasting movements also playable as individual pieces
Grade 4, $8.95