The New York Brass Quintet library series
(for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone & tuba, unless otherwise indicated*)

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M69   "Alleluia from Exultate Jubilate (2008) - Mozart/arr. by Robert Nagle. 
Well known, briliant allegro concert solo piece for soprano, effectively arranged for brass quintet.
Grade 3, $8.00 (UPC 636266701049)

M18 Aria from Cantata No. 26 - Bach/Nagel
NYBQ series with a tuba feature. NYBQ Title
Grade 4, $7.95 (UPC: 636266701544)

M91   The Black Shield - C. William Wach
Your brass ensemble will love the sound of this quintet. In a minor key and reminiscent of the sound you would expect when watching a movie about knights in action. The modest range requirements and melodic line make this a great choice for concert or contest.
Grade 4, $8.95 (UPC: 636266702053)

M70     Brass Trio No. 1 (1953) - Robert Nagle
(1-1-1-0). Try this Grade 4 brass trio for rhythmic excitement on your next concert.
Grade 4, $8.00 (UPC: 636266701056)

M32    Brass Trio No. 2 (1966) - Robert Nagel
(1-1-1-0). A rhythmically and melodically challenging contemporary work in four contrasting movements for advanced players.
Grade 5, $10.00 (UPC: 636266700585)

C7    Canzona Prima a 5 - G. Gabrieli/arr. Glasel
A late rennaisance gem, this is the only 5 part canzona by Giovanni Gabrieli
Grade 3, $9.95 (UPC: 636266701407)

M45    Carol of the Drum - arr. by Robert Nagel
A popular Christmas carol in a slow march arrangement, eminently suitable for brass.
Grade 3, $9.50 (UPC: 636266700707)

M75   The Chili Ristra Tango - arr. C. Brandebury
"The New Mexico state song" arranged for brass quintet. Even Sousa arranged this song.
Grade 3, $12.95 (UPC: 636266701605)

M35    Chorale Prelude - J.S. Bach/arr. by R. Nagel.
Bach"s final composition, dictated just before his death. A beautifully expressive work of exalted feeling.
Grade 2, $8.50 (UPC:63626670615)

M44   Christ Lag in Todesbanded - Bach/Wilkinson
The perfect warm-up for any quintet
Grade 2, $6.95 (UPC: 63626670159)

M11    Come, Ye Faithful (Gaudeamus pariter) - arr. Robert Nagel.
Brass quintet arrangement of a majestic 16th century humntune.
Grade 3+, $10.00 (UPC 636266701278)

M63    Concert Etude - Alexander Goedicke / arr. Robert Nagel
Well-known trumpet solo favorite, arranged for brass quintet (trumpet solo with brass quartet accompaniment) by Robert Nagel.
Grade 3, $10.00 (UPC: 636266700974)

M62    Concertino for Brass Quintet - Robert Nagel
Three contrasting movements: moderate, slow and fast. Commissioned and premiered by the Aurora Brass Quintet, January, 1999. Also performed by the All-Star Brass Quintet at the University of Georgia Brass Quintet Competition, March, 1999. “... a fine piece for... brass quintets looking for challenging and attractive music to perform.” - I.T.G. Journal.
Grade 4, $15.50 (UPC: 636266700967)

M24     Contrapunctus IV - J.S. Bach / arr. by R. Nagel.
An exceptional extended fugue from Bach"s monumental "Art of Fugue."
Grade 3, $9.95 (636266700516)

C3     Contrapunctus IX (fr. Art of Fugue)   J.S. Bach, arr. J. Glasel
Comfortable ranges and more 3-part texture with a low ending make this arrangement less taxing than most Bach transcriptions. Exceptional piece for the High School ensemble.
Grade 3, $9.95 (UPC: 636266701520)

M79   Coronation - Settings arr. Frost / j. Keith
A Favorite hymn, the perfect prelude for a festive occasion.
Grade 4, $10.95 (UPC: 636266701728)

M12    Dance Music - J. Swan
Three Movements showcasing different dance styles - Montuno, Con Elegance, Time Step. Recital worthy!
Grade 4+    $16.50 (UPC: 636266701551)

M118     Dance Suite #2 from Terpichore - Michael Praetorous, ed / arr. Allan Dean
For brass quintet.  This work was written for the St. Louis Brass, and is recorded on the CD Renaissance Faire. Playable by High School groups, this 4 movement work is perfect for any ensemble contest.
Grade 3. $10.95

M120     Dances for the Parister Tanzbuch -  Pierre Attaingnant. Trans. / Arr. Allan Dean
for Brass Quartet (with optional percussion).  These dances for 5 voices or instruments were collected by Pierre Attaingnant in 1530.  Allan Dean has transcribed 4 of them for modern day brass quartet.  This set has been recorded by the St. Louis Brass.  
Grade 3   $12.95

M20    Dichotomy (2012) - Scott Wilkinson.
Contemporary sound in this challenging work, dedicated to the Anasazi Quintet
Grade 5    $13.50 (UPC: 636266701254)

M28    Easter Contrasts for Brass Quintet (2001) - By Scott Wilkinson
Contains: Into the Woods My Master Went (Lutkin) and This Joyful Eastertide, artfully arranged.
Grade 3 $9.95 (UPC: 636266700547)

M27    Economy Band - David Van Vactor
Five contrasting pieces for trumpet(s), and percussion For large brass ensemble performance, order two or more sets. Serious, but fairly fight concert work. Title is
Grade 3, $9.50 (UPC: 63626670053)

M60    Encounters for Brass Quintet (1994) - By Bernhard Heiden.
Sure to become standard repertoire. A major work (duration: 15 min.) by a major composer, skilled at writing effective brass chamber music. Each of the five contrasting movements features a different of the quintet.
Grade 4/5, $16.50 (UPC: 636266700905)

M124     Fanfare for Banff - Robert Nagel
For a brass ensemble of 3 trumpets and 2 French horns.  This was written by Mr. Nagel during a fall 1985 residency at the Banff Music Center in Canada.  The piece was written utilizing the unique instrumentation that was available.
Grade 3+  $9.95

M117     Fantasia a"3 - John Hilton / trans. Robert Nagel
For brass trio (2 trumpets & F horn) from Hilton"s book of Ayres.  A trombone part is included as an alternative for the horn part.  As the arrangement was written for members of the NYBQ there are range maximums in all parts.  Quality literature for a quality group.
Grade 4+   $9.95

M58     A Festive Praise - C. William Wach
Collection of contemporary fanfare for any occasion.
Grade 4/5. $9.95 (upc 636266700875)

M6    Four Moods for Brass Quintet (1957) - Arthur Harris
Excellent brass writing in an attractive chamber music style. A good audience piece.
Grade 4, $13.95 (UPC: 636266700899)

M16    Four Movements for Five Brass (1957) - Collier Jones
A very fine neo-classic style work. A favorite of the New York Brass Quintet (UIL-1)
Grade 4, $13.95 (UPC: 636266700455)

M22    Four Songs for Brass - Ludwig Maurer
A Romantic period work, good for bridging the programming gap between early brass music and the 20th century.
Grade 2, $14.50 (UPC: 636266700493)

M93   Fugue for Johann - J. Rembt
Rembt"s organ works make excellent transcriptions and this fugue which features each instument is a fine choice for concert or contest.
Grade 3+ $5.95 (UPC: 636266700400)

M80   Gesu Bambino - Pietro Yon, arr. Joe Keith
One of the most famous Christmas songs. Useful for any christmas program.
Grade 3 $10.95 (UPC: 636266701711)

M76     A Gift for Danny Boy - C. William Wach
Two famous folk tunes arranged for brass.
Grade 3. $13.50 (UPC: 636266701636)

M94     Hallelujah Fanfare - Scott Wilkinson / arr. Joe Keith
Open your concert with this marvelous extended fanfare.
Grade 4  $6.95 (UPC: 636266700394)

M55    Hymns for Brass - arr. by Robert Nagel
Hymns for Brass, as originally performed by Robert Nagel and The King"s Brass on Broadman Records. This fine collection of brass church music consists of eleven pieces by the great composers... Palestrina, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Beethoven, Von Weber, Mendelsohn, Sibelius and Vaughan William --a tastefully arranged for two trumpets and two trombones by Robert Nagel. A definite "must! "for any brass ensemble library!
Grade 2, $10.95 (UPC: 636266700844)

M96 Hymn to Joy - Beethoven / arr. Joe Keith
The theme from the finale of the ninth symphony makes a perfet choice for brass quintet for and ensemble concert or contest
Grade 3+, $ 5.95 (UPC: 636266702060)

M34    Laudes - Jan Bach
Marvelous, "monumental" prize-winning major work in four movements. We think this is one of the most significant brass quintet compositions of the 20th century.
Grade 6, $23.50 (UPC: 636266700592)

M34S     Laudes Extra Score: $11.00 (UPC: 636266700608)

M21    Little Brass Music (1963) - Gunther Schuller
(1-1-1-1). An avant-garde brass classic. Brief but awesome. Parts in score form.
Grade 6, $9.50 (UPC: 636266700486)

M112     Marche Au Supplice (March to the Scaffold) - Hector Berlioz / arr. Joe Keith
For brass quintet.  This makes a great showpiece fora quality group.  The recognizable melodic line, and rhythmic vitality, will have your audience sitting on the edge of their chairs!   Grade 4   $9.95

M127   Midnight Sleigh Ride - Eddie Sauter / arr. Robert Nagel
Adapted for brass quintet and percussion from Prokofieff"s "Liutenant Kije Suite" This piece was made famous in the early "50"s by the Sauter-Finnegan Jazz Orchestra.  With bells and whistles, this is truly a fun piece for any accomplished quintet to play.
Grade 5, $8.95

M74    Miniature Overture - William McCauley
Brass quintet (2-1-1-1). 1973. Fanfare-ish opening, several meter changes, solos in each  part, quality writing
Grade 5, $13.50 (UPC: 636266701261)

M67    Noels (brass quintet) - arr. Scott Wilkinson
Creative settings of familiar Christmas carols infive movements: The first Noel, Silent Night,  medley (I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Joy to the World), We Three Kings of Orient Are, Sing Noel.
Grade 3, $16.50 (UPC: 636266701025)

M121   O Little Town of Bethlehem - arr. Robert Nagel  
For brass quintet.  Another NYBQ special arrangement, with elevated ranges and interesting rhythmic challenges in all the parts.  "Tis the Season"! Better quintets will find this challenging arrangement worthwhile.  
Grade 5   $9.95

M29     A Pair of Fugues - J. Rembt, arr. J. Keith
Baroque organ music skillfully arranged for brass quartet (2 trumpets & 2 trombones).
Grade 3+, $6.95 (UPC: 636266701612)

M57    Portraits in Brass for Brass Quintet - Scott Wilkinson.
Contrasting solo movements with brass quartet accompaniment: Tuba Cadenza Piccolo Trumpet -- Perpetuum Mobile; Trombone - Tarantella; Horn - Nocturne; Comet Waltz Flugelhorn - Blues, and Finale-Rondo. Note: Piccolo trumpet, and flugelhorn movements may be performed optionally on Bb trumpet.
Grade 5, $16.50 (UPC: 636266700868)

M56    Prelude and Dance (1996) - Leander Bien
An engaging work for brass trio, particularly suitable for college or university brass faculty  recital programming. (1-1-1-0) and piano.
Grade 4, $12.00 (UPC: 636266700851)

M110     Promenade - Modest Mussorgsky / trans. Joe Keith  
Transcribed for brass quintet, this famous melody is recognized by players and audiences alike.  It makes for a great opener to any concert.  
Grade 4    $8.95

M59    Quartet No. 6 for Brass - Wilhelm Ramsoe (1837-1895).
First modem publication of a gem of the nineteenth cent" Romantic period from the St.  Petersburg school of brass composition of Ewald and Maurer. This three movement work, scored for two trumpets, trombone (optional horn part) and tuba, is a "must for any brass  chamber music library.
Grade 4, $13.50 (UPC: 6362667000882)

C20     Quintet for Brass Instruments - J Hubbler
A 12-tone extended work in four movements for the virtuoso quintet.  Dramatic juxtaposition  is the essence of this music.  Bass Trombone required.
Grade 6, $18.50 (UPC: 636266701421)

M103     Regnum Mundi - Jacob Handl (Gallus) trans, Kenneth Singleton
("Kingdom of the world") is a hauntingly beaugiful motet in four parts from Opus Musicum, a large collection of motets publihed between 1586 and 1591. Transcribed for Brass Quartet of Trumpet 1 & 2, F Horn, Trombone (Euphonoum)
$6.95 (UPC: 636266702268)

M82     Renaissance Brass - arr. Keith
A five movement suite with pieces by Dowland, Franck, Presenti and Obrecht. This is a fine choice for concert or contest.
Grade 3+, $13.95 (UPC: 636266701742)

M105     Roumanian Christmas Carols, Book 1, by Bela Bartok, Trans, Kenneth Singleton
Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer, wrote two sets of "Romanian Christmas Carols". The first set of 10 carols transcribed for Brass Quintet is a exciting tour-de-force that can be performed all year long. Transcribed for Brass Quintet of Bb Trumpet 1 & 2, F Horn, Trombone, Tuba
Grade 4   $10.95 (UPC: 636266702282)

M83     St. Anthony Chorale - Brahms, arr. J. Keith
A wonderful beginning quintet piece. The familiar melody and rhythms can be quickly mastered.
Grade 3, $6.95 (UPC: 636266701780)

C9       SainTs ALiVe! - J. Glasel
JAZZ, A mini-history of Jazz: variations on "The Saints in Gospel, March, Dixie, Swing, Bop  and Rock styles.  For quintet or stage band brass section (3 trumpets, 3 trombones)
with optional parts for (acoustic) Bass and Drums. Fun to play!
Grade 3+ $14.50 (UPC: 636266701506)

M8    Scherzo and Lied - Ludwig Maurer
This may be effectively combined with either "Three Pieces" (M5) or "Four Songs for Brass" (M22) to form a nice five or six movement suite.
(OH) (OMEA-B) *May be heard on NYBQ CD, (item no. Men-108).
Grade 2,   $11.00 (UPC: 636266701209)

M97     Sinfonia Festiva - D. Gaithrop
Written as a commission for a wededing, this is a marvelous showpiece for both brass and organ. A three movement work with both lyrical and rhythmic sections. For brass quintet, organ and timpani.
Grade 5 $16.95 (UPC: 636269702077)

M92     Sometimes I"m Happy - V. Youmans / arr. Robert Nagel
The NYBQ used this as a short but fun encore. Your Quintet will enjoy this one!
Grade 3   $5.95 (UPC: 63622700370)

M13    Song, Chorale and March - Robert Schumann / arr. Robert Nagel
Excellent as basic ensemble training material for young brass players. (UIL-III, OMEA-C)
Grade 1, $8.00 (UPC: 636266700424)

M19     Suite for Brass - L. Lebow
Three contrasting movements - Barch, Blues and Reel (NYBQ Title)
Grade 5, $17.50 (UPC: 636266701759)

M30    Suite for Brass and Piano - Robert Nagel
(1-1-1-1). A solo showpiece movement for each instrument with piano, plus a brilliant  ensemble finale, written in a conservative musical style. Newly improved printing.
Grade 4,    $11.00 (UPC: 636266700561)

M111 Three Contemporary Chorales - Robert Nagel
For brass quintet, another NYBQ arrangement. These original chorales are quite contemporary in their sound. Use them on concert or contese.
Grade 3    8.95

M2     This Old Man March - Robert Nagel
Lively variations on a will-known children"s folk son. Ideal for youth concert programs (UIL-II; OMEA-C) (NYBQ Title) (TX, OH)
Grade 2, $8.50 (UPC: 636266700479)

M17     Three Organ Fugues (2013) Rembt / arr. Joe Keith
Three short fugues from organ works by Johann Ernst Rembt (1749-1810), arranged for brass quartet (2 trumpets, 2 trombones)
Grade 3,  $9.95 (UPC: 636266701704)

C1     Three Pieces - Holborne/Glasel Muy Lina, Pavan and Galliard
In contrapuntal Elizabethan style. Trombone may substitute for horn (NYBQ Title)
Grade 2. $8.95 (UPC: 636266701414)

M5      Three Pieces - Ludwig Maurer 
Charming Romantic period music, which can be performed in the original 2-2-1-0 or in  standard. brass quintet instrumentation. (TX) (UIL-I) 
Grade 2, $13.50 (UPC: 636266700769)

M7     Three Pieces for Brass - C. William Wach
Fanfare, Romance and March
Grade 4, $8.95 (UPC: 636266701698)

M71   Three Salutations for Brass Quintet (1965) - Jack End
Three contrasting movements - a favorite of the Ney York Brass Quintet
Grade 5, $18.50 (UPC: 636266701155)

M25   Tournament Galop - Gottschalk / Kandel
The opening reads Presto Con bravura, and this is the feeling throughout th eentire arrangement. (NYBQ Title)
Grade 5, $13.50 (UPC: 636266701568)

M113     Two Canons - K553 & 554 - W.A. Mozart / trans Kenneth Singleton
Four F horns. Know as Ave Maria (K554) and Alleluis (K553), these 2 canons pair perfectly and are excellent material for concert or contest.
Grade 3.   $7.95

M116     Two Fantasias - Orlando Gibbons / trans Robert Nagel
NYBQ arrangement.  Fantasia no. 1 is a duet for trumpets (Gr. 4+), and Fantasia no. 2 is for the remaining members of the quintet (horn, trombone, tuba / Gr. 4) Quality groups will enjoy thee fugal qualities of this Baroque work.
Grade 4+, $8.95

C8    Tying the Knot - J. Buffington
JAZZ. Based on Mendelssohn"s Wedding Marth, this medium-tempo, late 40"s style 2- chorus chart works as a recessional or encore.
Grade 2,   $14.50  (UPC: 636266701513)

C25     Variations on a Folk Theme (1965) - R. Snyder
A moderately easy contemporary piece based on Greensleeves.
Grade 3,    $14.50 (UPC: 636266701360)

M68     We Are God"s People (theme from Symphony No. 1) (2008) - Brahms / arr. Robert Nagel
Familiar song-like melody, well sutied for brass quintet, in concert or church performance.
Grade 2,    $7.00.(UPC: 636266701032)